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Dare to Dubai : The Ultimate Travel Adventure Awaits You in November

Looking for a unique travel experience this November? Look no further ….

Nestled along the Persian Gulf coast in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai offers unique experiences. From shopping to adventure, there is always something for everyone in this ever-changing city that once was just a tiny fishing village. And, with LDTG’s November group tour, you will have the chance to experience some of the must-do activities which should be on every traveler’s playlist when visiting Dubai.

Here are 5 reasons to join us this November:

1. Hot Air Ballooning Over the Desert

An awe-inspiring way to appreciate Dubai’s striking scenery, it is on top of our must-do activities for anyone visiting Dubai. Imagine gliding over the expansive desert while absorbing a panoramic view of the urban skyline. The shimmering dunes, and remote mountains, while watching the sunrise on the horizon an inch at a time. This tranquil experience has an exciting landing which is why pregnant women and those with health issues should let us know. Dress warmly for this early morning experience.


2. Shop till You Drop in Old Dubai

While Dubai may be famous for its opulent malls, shopping (and haggling) in Old Dubai is a must-do deal-catching experience. After all, how often do we get to sharpen our haggling skills out here? Wandering through the lively souks (souk means shops in Arabic) you’ll see shopkeepers subtly solicit passersby into buying. Rows of fragrant spices to an endless amount of gold glittering through the window pane it adorns are some of the sights that we will get to capture for our lifetime. All of this is as we uncover historical sites such as Al Fahidi Fort and Jumeirah Mosque.


3. A Stress-Free Vacation with an Escorted Group

Navigating an unknown city can be daunting, which is why you may want to consider joining our group this November. The escorted group guarantees a carefree vacation allowing you to immerse yourself in all that Dubai can offer. Your escort (C’est moi) and our knowledgeable guides will manage all logistics as you delve into sightseeing, indulgent shopping adventures, exquisite dining experiences, and local cultural happenings. This worry-free vacation will leave you feeling rejuvenated after a memorable voyage just in time for the holidays!

See for yourself how much fun the Dubai Take #1 group had!


4. An ATV Dune-Bashing Adventure and an Arabian Barbecue

Riding the ATV over the dunes is a one-of-a-kind experience and a thirst quencher for an adventure seeker. Speeding through the desert sands on an exhilarating ATV escapade, bashing the dunes, or gently riding these hills of sand (or mounds!) After mastering the dunes, we’ll unwind with a traditional Arabian barbecue under the stars—a flawless combination of excitement and relaxation in traditional Bedouin camps. From local food to music and entertainment, it will be an Arabic experience.

5. Splash with Excitement at Atlantis Waterpark

We’ll be wrapping up our trip with an entertaining activity that appeals to both children and those young at heart – a dip at the Atlantis Waterpark. This aquatic playground boasts thrilling water slides, intimate encounters with sea creatures, and numerous spots to unwind and bask in the sunshine.

The city offers something to everyone. My initial perceptions about Dubai (particularly political opinions) were corrected (I honestly thought I would despise it) after my first trip. And it only made it to my “travel list” because of its popularity. Today, I find myself captivated by the landscape as I see a hint of authenticity beneath all the glitz and glamour—I can still envision the humble fishing village it once was.

So, join me this November as we venture back to Dubai to explore its humble origins —experiencing its rich past while uncovering its futuristic side in this dynamic city that never fails to astonish. Check out our group details by clicking here!

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