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Meet the Founder

Alyshia Steele

Born in Germany, Alyshia was inducted into the travel industry early on in her life. With her father in the Air Force, she was able to explore much of what the world has to offer and the diverse cultures that reside in it. From Europe to the US and from Virginia to Hawaii, she has been there and done that!

She calls herself a military brat and acknowledges her love for travel, or better still, her true calling for this lifetime. Since her early 20s she has been exploring international destinations while guiding and organizing such trips for her friends & family; who explicitly trust her knowledge, judgment, passion, and eye for detail.

Lyrics Destination is named after her daughter who is a travel diva and on her way to her 3rd passport at a young age of Despite living with special needs, she thrives on all things related to travel and often accompanies her mother on these trips.


The Inspiration

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LDTG Associate

Taline Guzman

Travel Consultant

Angel Maske

Wellness Travel Consultant & Founder EA

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