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Belize: Uncover Tropical Wonders

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with LDTG

Experience has taught me that pursuit of perfection can often prevent us from truly living life. It’s important to embrace life while on the path than planning for that tomorrow that may not be. In the past, we were conditioned to follow a certain path: go to school, get a good job, work for 40 years, and only then after retirement, start enjoying life with so much wasted opportunity. However, as I approached my late 20s, I realized the importance of not just following society’s expectations of success, but rather cherishing experiences, love, and the joy of living that give meaning to my existence.

More than a decade ago, I had my initial encounter with Belize during a short 8-hour stop on a cruise. Despite its briefness, it left a lasting impression on me and sparked my curiosity. Last year, I had the privilege of visiting Belize twice, further cementing my connection and motivating me to share my adventures and insights with my clients. Why did I select it as the place to mark two important milestones in my life – 10 years of Lyrics Destinations Travel group and turning 50 years old?

True Essence of Belize


Before our group trip in April, I tried to paint a picture of what I experienced, but I found myself unable to fully capture its true essence. It wasn’t until I witnessed my group members wholeheartedly embracing the culture and people without reservations, I became certain that they truly understood it. They immersed themselves in authentic experiences and long forgotten their complaints of this not being a cookie cut all- inclusive resort. They interacted with locals, explored charming towns, and uncovered hidden treasures in terms of cuisine, music, and more. They didn’t just have a good time; they developed a deep affection for Belize and expressed a longing to return rather than just checking off destinations from a bucket list.

With the assistance of myself and the team, they were able to connect with each other and experienced amazing activities. From immersing ourselves in the rich Garifuna African tribal culture to exploring ancient temples, participating in cooking classes, and even trying our hand at fishing for barracuda and red snapper, our days were filled with excitement. We also had the chance to visit private islands, go water caving, ride ATVs, interact with the locals, and marvel at the wonders of the Blue Hole UNESCO site while snorkeling and diving in the reef. The idea of potentially investing in parcels of land in Belize even crossed our minds. In that moment, I felt a sense of pride, similar to that of a nurturing parent observing their child making their own unique way in the world. But you don’t have to take from me, here is some of their feedback.

Why Not Hear It From the Horse’s Mouth?

“Keep doing things as you are now. You have a great agency and provide superior service. Not to mention how pleasant you are to work with. ”

“Keep doing what you are doing. I love the destination”

“I enjoyed everyone at this destination. Very pleasant, and hospitable.”

“Absolutely stunning location”

“Thank you for your warm welcome and professionalism. Looking forward to the next trip.”

“I felt so welcomed and like family, my first day traveling with LDTG. I was very nervous at first but i had so much fun and was so sad when we all went our separate ways”

“Great services and excellent communication, very friendly and on point.”

It speaks volumes when they not only acknowledge the beauty of Belize but also express a desire to return!

Why Do You Travel?

This recent trip to Belize sparked a newfound sense of creativity within me and rekindled my motivation. My clients, particularly those who are seasoned travelers, often look to me for guidance and inspiration when choosing their next destination. When conducting that initial Consultation with them , I always hope to understand what is driving the need for this experience ..why do you need a getaway?

Best Time to See Belize

While the best time to visit Belize is from November to April, there’s also a lobster festival in July that one of my agents plans to experience this year. We intend to do the research and legwork to ensure it meets our rigorous quality of standards and if so we will offer it as a package for next year. When visiting Belize, I recommend exploring at least two regions to fully appreciate the unique allure and attractions each area has to offer, combining both fast-paced and leisurely experiences; however I also tailor each vacation package according to my clients needs.

So what are you waiting for?? Are you ready for this amazing Belizean Experience? Feel free to reach out.

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